Yin — Yang in your mind

Yin — Yang in your mind

When my brain was getting tense because of focusing on work in a long time my body and mind needed to go out to stretch out immediately .

When my body was enjoyed outside, my heart begun to be happy. I felt life is so beautiful with lovely cutely friends, kind vendors, admired elders, even polices who regard as bad persons always find out any way to earn money from motor rider base on loose rules in this city where i live now. It seems that you can see gorgeous bright on you head like such stunning rainbow. Every sound around you such as traffic sound, butles and hustle city sound, unlimited baby crying … gathers together as a perfect concert, which makes you are annoying in other day. You willing do anything without thinking to help any person. You are happy happy happy all the time. These moments are so beautiful. It brings you creative thought that you have never ever have before.

After sublimate time, you came back your daily routine, sitting in front of computer all day long. Unfortunately, hardly could you enter the passion with former work. You listened to music and you thought “just relax” “i missed them in a long time”. You watched youtube, link conect to other links. You approached some familiar websites. You surfed on face book. You were interested in not worth gossip. You knew all of that is rubish. But you still. You begun to think about them and yourself followed by stupid stream that you compare yourself with them. No sooner your mind was empty than your brain eliminate negative though that you cannot afforable. The evil part was getting dominate. You were downed, no way. You were so lonely. It seemed you are only person in your house. You were cô lập in the world. Everything still run and you stand to see all thing surround.

That time was so terrible as a result of evil part that will control your mind. It is said that that way to live positively is that the beautiful things you should cherish, the bad thing you must erase. Or another way, when you want human part conquer evil one, you yourself must escape out of it. You just think about happy moment such as: when you get the first salary, when you receive the message from boy/girl you like, when you eat your favorite dish, which cook by your mom, when you perceive nice thing in you book you read, when you counting the number of like on face book, when you discover new land that nobody know before, when you ride by-cycle in boulevard with green tree and touch soft wind in fall, when you go to bed you recall about task of day you finish with a smile. More importantly, you must aware all of bad things conduct to bad effect, they wil swallow your time. Time is money. One day you will sit and think about golden time you waste. You ask why you did like that. You wish. May be. If…

Hence, you recognize each individual has their own story. You should, before it is too late. You don’t have to catch them. (You must catch them when you make peer pressure for yourself to work out your goal). You don’t have devote/dedicate yourself to anyone excepting your parents, some relatives. Other thing is ephemera. It pull you back. On your path, sometimes, due to the fact that you have to stop to watch other out of your mind. But, dont forger you goal. Dont let others kick you out your direction.

The way you out of that is writing. To know what happening, what experienced, what will do, to critize the present, the past, the future, the stupid and wise things surround you.

To write and to criticize

Source: https://medium.com/@BlueG/ying-yang-in-your-mind-a4e2ce27886b


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