Every single thing has its story (indeed meaning)

Every single thing has its story (indeed meaning)

Today, no tonight i understood more about that quotation that i’ve heard at somewhere. That is story about Piddy, a native Australia.

Piddy is a native English teacher at Tpc where i am working. I have worked with him in some times ago. To compare with another teachers, he is not as good as another ones according to my observation and feedback of students.
At the very beginning, after each course, i often email him to say his disadvantages which he need to improve even i share with him the videos of other teachers to point him how he should change his style and what he need to correct the mistakes for Vietnamese students. With hope that i can help him improve his style and take his appearance in student’s eyes, i impact to talk with him friendly about things he need to do from bottom of my heart. Meanwhile, while communicating with him in email, i did feel his style and attitude and i imaged how he work like the way he reply me. Yet, i still hope my advice is likely be better for him.
Afterwards, I changed my work timeline to travel to new teachers. Hence i had no chance to work with Piddy.

Luckily, tonight i did. While i work with other teacher, i am notified that Piddy has been no student. first course, sencond course, and third course is last of day. I complain with moderator and reassure him (reacquaint himself) with my sharing. It is not surprising when 2 moderators have same idea about Piddy. And strikingly, after a small talk with a moderator, i know the main reason why 3 countinuos cousres in which Piddy has been no any student. He was arrange at third class in same level. It means that no sooner are 2 classes full of student than the rest is of Piddy’s class. He explain Piddy teach unhappily so he often was planed be at third class. But in main room, he don’t know why and nobody tell him the reason (excepting me after i know exactly issue).

Poor him.

Suddenly i realize that is a natural elimination.
I recall something in worksheet, some co-worker’s names are getting appear in my mind. The story getting brighter and i understood how they align with dozens of teachers.

The owners gives birth of game and rules and they know it and everything is control by them. The player in that game follow the rule. One day they watch something change a litle bit and they are so confusing. But they dont know why.

One day if you deal with strange thing in your gravel path, connect and gather everything, figure out the sudden change and discover the reason, look back yourself and improve yourself. That is one of way you enrich your savvy.

The world is awesome and you should search the #hidden beauty in #transparent things.

Source: https://medium.com/@BlueG/every-single-thing-has-its-story-indeed-meaning-5a748797fce0


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