Review Translation Assignment in series Back To Square one (BTSO) of Prof Anh Tho Andres

You can read all of BTSO articles in this link:

I finished my translation assignments about series 12 articles Back To Square One of Prof Anh Tho Andres. I am reviewing all of them to take back my emotions when I get to know them. Because at each post, when I was on the way go to her stories, her sharings, which reminds me a lot of things, a lot of people:
– About parents, family, how hard my parent have to struggle to have good life now (2);
– My job, my co-workers, my bosses, the way I arrange my job (3);
– Behaviors of my FB friends and a worry if we cannot change how apart of Vietnamese youth use SNS (4);
– The way we learn and perception about what we are having (5);
– The value of friends I ever met, the precious moments with my family (6)*;
– New knowledge, new culture, new land, burning a fire to get a better “me” to get a better world (7);
– Reviewing and imaging about my future life to arrange bricks for my life now (8);
– A thirst to get knowledge to experience inter-culture (9);
– A memory about my relatives and the culture of each family effects on character of childrens. And thinking about that how each Vietnamese children receive good environment from their parents, their family, their place where they are living. Interestingly, it seems that I was immersing myself in the old days as a role of kid who was born in Dalat playing with younger sister underneath yellow sun shine and pure blue sky. There were chances to communicate with friendly American soldiers who were apart of a nurturing dream travel to their lands. Just a peaceful and beautiful days. One day I will travel to Dalat to live those childhood days of her. (11)*
– Reminder, decrease greed, hatred and delusion and being good in life. (12)

(*) the articles I like most

All above, I get a heaps of useful links with precious values, “be good” with a discovery Dalai Lama with his sharing, who change my cognition about His Holliness, and even the author of BTSO with thoughts in a past about a foreign professor who was old person, always busy with researches in lab not like prof Anh Tho, a very friendly and generous person that I feel through her voice and a deep heart one that I feel through her articles.
I hope that all of you will soon finish and receive new awareness like me or even more than that. There are many great new things awaiting us ahead.

Thank you teacher Anh Tho Andres for what you are doing for us!

Have a nice new week 🙂

Phuong Hoang #MENG 472


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