Dissertation Assignment 6: Marketing Strategy and Planning

Dissertation Assignment 6: Marketing Strategy and Planning


MODULE DATE: 31 Dec 2014





  1. Introduction
  2. Marketing, what ‘s it all about
  3. What does a Marketing Manager do?
  4. Why is Marketing Strategy Planning so important?
  5. What is the Marketing Mix?
  6. How to get right customer
  7. What is the use of Market Research
  8. References

1. Introduction

This is my very first Dissertation about Marketing Strategy and Planning topic. This focus on basic elements when it comes to Marketing. This includes 6 points. Firstly, it begins with definition of what Marketing is that helps learners have overview about Marketing. Secondly, it shows us the role of Marketing Manager. What a Marketing Manager does. It is also showed the important of Marketing Strategy Planning. The equally important, every people who studies Marketing have to know is Marketing Mix. The last is what the use of Marketing Research is.

2. Marketing, what’s it all about

“Marketing is the term given to those activities which occur at the interface between the organization and its customers. It comes from the original concepts of a marketplace, where buyers and sellers would come together to conduct transaction (or exchanges) for their mutual benefit. “

Quote from Chapter 1 in Essential of Marketing ebook, third Edition,

According to the Businessdictionary.com, Marketing is “the Management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer. It includes the coordination of four elements called the 4 P’s marketing: (1) identification, selection and development of a product, (2) determination of its price, (3) selection of a distribution channel to reach the customer’s place, and (4) development and implementation of a promotional strategy.”

Marketing is process of brainstorming from generating product idea to how to make customer satisfy.

Iphone line was born by Steve Job who asked some engineers at Apple Inc to investigate touchscreen. In 2003, at executive conference, he believed that cell phones were going to become important devices for portable information access. On Jan 2007, he announced the very first iPhone at the Macworld convention.

Skimming pricing strategy is pricing policy of Iphone, which gains highest initial price at the beginning of product, followed by lower price range at substitues products appear later.

People can buy Iphone at official Apple store chain in some contries all over the world. Until now, Apple is available at 98 countries.

Fans of IPhone were known Iphone through launching event with spokenperson, internet, Pr or even direct marketing.

3. What does a Marketing Manager do?

Depending of the scale of company, the high Marketing position has different Marketing Job Title such as: Marketing Manager, Marketing Director, Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Marketing, Vice President of Marketing. There are many kinds of Marketing Job.

If these positions below belong to a Marketing Department, we could have overview about responsibilities of a Marketing Manager, who are he/ she works with, what he/ she manages in firms.

  • Brand Manager: Responsible for all the decisions concerning a particular brand.
  • Product Manager: Responsible for all the decisions around a group of similar product.
  • Sales Manager: Responsible for controlling, training and motivating the salesforce and the sales back-up team. Sales managers often also have a role in credit control, since they are in the best position to know the individual customers and can give an opinion on the customer’s creditworthiness or (as a last resort) in the least damaging way to get the customer to pay up
  • Sales person: Finds out what each customer needs, and tries to arrange for it to be delivered. Salespeople do this by selecting from the range of products in term of how they will meet the client’s need.
  • Advertising Manager: Controls media purchases, deals with advertising agencies, generally handles the flow of information to the company’s customers and consumers.
  • Public relations Manager: Monitors the company’s public image and applies corrective measures if the company is acquiring a bad reputation. Organises events and activities that will put the company in a good light, and tries to ensure that the company behaves responsibly towards its wider publics.
  • Market research Manager: Collects evidence about what consumers really need, and what they would really like to buy. Sometimes this also includes monitoring competitors’s activity so that the company can take action early to counteract it.

Steve Job is a brilliant example of a Marketing Manager who not only makes the Iphone’s reputation which dominated the giants in the past like Nokia, Motorola, BlackBerry, but also makes new age of mobile phone with Apple Empire nowadays.

4. Why is Marketing Strategy Planning so important?

Strategy is about where we want to be (direction); decisions on tactics are about how we are going to get there (Method). Strategy decisions tend to be difficult to reverse. Tactical decisions are relatively easy to change.

Strategy is a goal and Tactics is the way to gain that goal.

So, what is Marketing Strategy Planning?

“Strategic marketing planning is the process that the operational and managerial staff of a company goes through to create and implement effective marketing strategies. Strategic marketing planning takes several aspects of company marketing and promotion into consideration. The aspects that contribute to strategic marketing planning include identifying promotional opportunities and evaluating the marketing opportunities; researching, analyzing and identifying the target markets; developing a strategic position for the company to pursue and how to implement the strategy preparation and implement the strategy; preparation and implementation off the marketing plan and measuring and evaluating the results of the marketing efforts of the company”

A company want to make revenue so they have to do Marketing Strategy Planning. Without it, they don’t know where they start in new business year. Without it, it doesn’t know how, when they implement tasks which are related to other departments in firms internally and partners externally.

Like travellers who fulfil their voyage they have to know what they had, where they want to go, what they need to prepare, when they start, how they will deal with certain things will happen in their trip or how they handle accidents they dont predict in advance. Without Strategy Planning they cannot make possible their plan.

5. What is the Marketing Mix?

Marketing mix is a business tool used in marketing and by marketers. Traditionally, Marketing mix includes 4P: Price, Product, Promotion and Place. In service field, not a physical good, it is expanded to 7P, Physical evidence, People and Process.

Product is what company produce

Place is where customers can buy product

Promotion is all methods of communication that provide information to different parties about the product such as: advertising, public relations, sales organization and sales promotion.

Price is the amount of money customers pay for. It makes profit’s company and survival



Physical evidence

Product of Apple includes Mac (Macbook, Mac Laptop), ipod (Nano, touch, shuffle) , iphone (Iphone 2,3,4,5,5s,5c, 6), Ipad (Ipad 2,3, mini), accessories: mouse, keyboard..

Price: Skimming Pricing is pricing strategy of Iphone

Place: wholesaling, retailing, order processing, warehousing, inventory management, transportation

Promotion: Advertising: media, television, internet, PR, events, direct marketing

6. How to get the right customer

To get the right customer it means get segmentation. Including:

  • Geographic. Where the consumers live, the climate, the topology. Most transport at Hanoi is Vespa, Lead but at mountainous areas is Waves, Dream.
  • Psychographic. Based on the personality type of the individuals in the segment. Almost the rich in Hanoi want to show their financial ability, so that the advantage to develop Vespa chain store.
  • Behavioural. This approach examines the benefits, usage situation, extent of use and loyalty. Young people who want to show their ego they want to own a Vespa, but mothers who need a big space to put their stuff, a Lead is their best choice
  • Demographic. Concerned with the structure of the population in terms of ages, lifestyles, economic factors. People who live in Saigon don’t show their rich by motorbike like Hanoians, so the number of vespa in Saigon is less than in Hanoi.

7. What is the use of Marketing Research?

Market research is the process of collecting, analyzing and presenting useful information about consumers. What customer needs, wants and preferences.

Types of research that are carried out by marketers are as follows:

  • Customer research: provides information about where customers live, what they do with their time, what their motivations are, what they like to spend money on and what their spending power is, and what the trends are in the market.
  • Promotion research: measures the success of promotions in terms of their objectives. Aslo is useful for determining which media should be used.
  • Product research: is used to identify new used for existing products, or to identify needs for new products. Product research is often used to refine the design of an existing product to produce an improved “Mark 2” version.
  • Distribution research is finding the best channels of distribution for a product, oftent is overlaps with consumer research, since the location of retail outlets will dêpnd on where the target consumers love an on their habits.
  • Sales research: is intended to help the sales management process by ensuring that territories are of equal size or value, that the techniques and approaches being used are effective, that the training of the salesforce is appropriate and surficient, and that the salesforce motivation is appropriate
  • Marketing environment research: to ensure that the firm can anticipate environmental change and develop responses in advance

Marketing Research is sometimes used to describe all research carried out for the purpose of supporting marketing decisions.

Using Marketing Research in order to decide whether or not launching product, should change or not features of a product to adapt needs of customers or dominate market of competitors.

Through a Report of Marketing Research of Pizza Hut we know how they use tool to do a research such as a questionnaire to determine behaviour of customer like  frequency of carryout, the percentage of Genders who pay money for Pizza, what service or selection customers like food quality, cleanliness, employee friendliness, menu, speed of service…   based on that getting conclusions and recommendations to get better service and higher revenue.

8. References


Review Translation Assignment in series Back To Square one (BTSO) of Prof Anh Tho Andres

You can read all of BTSO articles in this link:

I finished my translation assignments about series 12 articles Back To Square One of Prof Anh Tho Andres. I am reviewing all of them to take back my emotions when I get to know them. Because at each post, when I was on the way go to her stories, her sharings, which reminds me a lot of things, a lot of people:
– About parents, family, how hard my parent have to struggle to have good life now (2);
– My job, my co-workers, my bosses, the way I arrange my job (3);
– Behaviors of my FB friends and a worry if we cannot change how apart of Vietnamese youth use SNS (4);
– The way we learn and perception about what we are having (5);
– The value of friends I ever met, the precious moments with my family (6)*;
– New knowledge, new culture, new land, burning a fire to get a better “me” to get a better world (7);
– Reviewing and imaging about my future life to arrange bricks for my life now (8);
– A thirst to get knowledge to experience inter-culture (9);
– A memory about my relatives and the culture of each family effects on character of childrens. And thinking about that how each Vietnamese children receive good environment from their parents, their family, their place where they are living. Interestingly, it seems that I was immersing myself in the old days as a role of kid who was born in Dalat playing with younger sister underneath yellow sun shine and pure blue sky. There were chances to communicate with friendly American soldiers who were apart of a nurturing dream travel to their lands. Just a peaceful and beautiful days. One day I will travel to Dalat to live those childhood days of her. (11)*
– Reminder, decrease greed, hatred and delusion and being good in life. (12)

(*) the articles I like most

All above, I get a heaps of useful links with precious values, “be good” with a discovery Dalai Lama with his sharing, who change my cognition about His Holliness, and even the author of BTSO with thoughts in a past about a foreign professor who was old person, always busy with researches in lab not like prof Anh Tho, a very friendly and generous person that I feel through her voice and a deep heart one that I feel through her articles.
I hope that all of you will soon finish and receive new awareness like me or even more than that. There are many great new things awaiting us ahead.

Thank you teacher Anh Tho Andres for what you are doing for us!

Have a nice new week 🙂

Phuong Hoang #MENG 472

E-Book Collection

This is a list about online precious books that my prof Anh Tho Andres recommend in English for MBA course which i am studying and more. I will update whenever I find links for free reading

1. Essentials of Marketing, Jim Blythe, third edition: http://files.homepagemodules.de/b556831/f20t140p704n

2.pdf 2.Oganization Behavior, Stephen P Robbins: http://ebookbrowsee.net/stephen-p-robbins-organizational-behavior-full-pdf-d61775837

3. The Right Game: http://fringe.davesource.com/Fringe/Information/Business%20-%20Game%20Theory%20-%20Using%20Game%20Theory%20to%20Shape%20Strategy%20(1995%20Harvard%20Review).pdf

4. The Present Secrets of Steve Jobs, Carmine Gallo http://www.mediafire.com/view/a04nedzy3wdakuj/The_Presentation_Secrets_of_Steve_Jobs_(2009)_-_Carmine_Gallo.pdf

5. A Rulebook for Arguments, Anthony Weston, third Edition http://www.dillydust.com/A_Rulebook_for_Arguments__3rd_Ed_.pdf

6. The Wealth and Property of Nations – David S. Landes

Translation Assignment Week 12: Back To Square One – A New Turning Point (12)

Written by Prof Anh Tho Andres

Released on Sep 12 2014

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140912125802-307348893-back-to-square-one-a-new-turning-point-12

“Là người tốt

Cô tìm thấy một mẩu ghi chép nhỏ vài năm trước đây, nội dung “Làm người tốt” cô sẽ chia sẻ với các bạn.

Đầu tiên, cô chia sẻ với các bạn về hình ảnh những bông hoa sen, một biểu tượng của sự tinh khiết trong nhà Phật. Những bức ảnh nghệ thuật nhất, đẹp nhất mà cô từng nhìn thấy. http://www.lotusflowerimages.com

Trên bàn cô có một cuốn lịch về những mời dạy của Dalai Lama có tự đề “Những điều sâu sắc từ Dalai Lama” cô xem nó hàng ngày. Cô nghĩ Dalai Lama sẽ không bao giờ biết cô là ai và cô có thể sẽ không bao giờ có cơ hội gặp ông ấy. Nhưng dù sao đọc những điều sâu sắc từ ông giúp cô trở nên tốt lên mỗi ngày.

Thỉnh thoảng một vài cơ hội thời trẻ gợi cô nhớ về những tác động của người khác, bởi những lòng tốt của họ mang những thay đổi bất ngờ trong cuộc đời.

Cô nhớ rất rõ, hồi cô khoảng 8 tuổi, cách đây khoảng 50 năm, cô chơi cầu lông với em gái trong sân nhà ở Đà Lạt, quả cầu chợt rơi xuống đường. Một người lính Mỹ đi bộ đến đó với một người phiên dịch, ông ấy nhặt quả bóng lên rồi đến chỗ chị em cô đang chơi và đưa nó cho cô với một nụ cười, rồi ông ấy đi. Một từ tiếng Anh duy nhất mà cô biết lúc đó là “Thank you”. Cô đoán rằng điều đó đã thôi thúc cô học tiếng Anh để có thể nói chuyện nhiều hơn với những người lính Mỹ khác, họ rất thân thiện với mọi người. Kể từ đó, cô đã học thêm nhiều ngôn ngữ nữa, và làm thông dịch viên cho 5 ngôn ngữ (ít nhất) trong đời mình. Cuộc đời cô đã thay đổi nhờ thái độ thân thiện đó.

Một sự tình cờ khác cô nhớ khi cô cười với cha mình tại cửa hàng của gia đình, đột nhiên một người lính Mỹ đến cửa hàng và thốt lên ” Ồ, một bé gái xinh đẹp” rồi chụp cô 1 bức ảnh, ông ấy đi và cười. Cô nhớ rằng mình mặc bộ đồ gì đó màu hồng, tóc dài với làn da rám nắng. Cô vẫn nhớ ánh mắt ngưỡng mộ của ông ấy, và giọng nói biểu hiện sự ngạc nhiên của ông ấy, mặc dù cô chỉ mới 10 tuổi, và không phải là một vẻ đẹp chuẩn Việt lắm, nhưng lời khen và bức ảnh ông ấy đưa cho cô, đã giúp cô tự tin về ngoại hình và đã hình thành cách xư xử của cô với những người xung quanh cho đến tận bây giờ.

Đó là năm 1968, năm khó khăn nhất của lính Mỹ tại Việt Nam. Gia đình cô đã sống trong lòng của cuộc chiến tranh, với máy bay trực thăng bay trên đầu, ánh sáng giống như pháo hoa ở phía chân trời cùng với tiếng bom đâu đó hàng đêm, sự mất mát, cuộc sống bất ổn diễn ra hàng ngày. Nhưng bố mẹ cô, trong cuộc hỗn loạn đó, đảm bảo anh chị em cô có một tuổi thơ rất tốt, những đứa trẻ không bao giờ thiếu thứ gì từ chỗ ở, đến quần áo, đến trường học tốt nhất, đến cảm giác đồng cảm tới những sự chịu đựng của những người khác xung quanh và niềm tin vào những điều tốt của thiên nhiên và lòng tốt của ông trời, đã sự trữ những ngày trẻ nỗi trợ và sự thù ghét. Rất nhiều lâu sau, đọc những quyền sách lịch sử và xem những bộ phim và những mẩu phim ngắn của thời chiến tranh, cô mới nhận ra hoàn cảnh khủng khiếp mà cô đã từng sống.

Cô đoán rằng cuộc sống của cha mẹ mình không dễ dàng, nuôi 5 đứa con trong chiến tranh, vật lộn với 2 công việc để trả tiền học phí rất cao ở trường tư thục Pháp. Nhưng cô không có bất kỳ lời phàn nàn hay cuộc tranh cái nào với cha mẹ, hay bất kỳ sự từ chối nào để giúp những người khác ít may mắn hơn xung quanh chúng ta. Gia đình cô luôn dành chỗ cho những người phụ nữ bị bạo hành, họ là đồng nghiệp của mẹ cô, hoặc những đứa trẻ bỏ nhà để đi qui y nhà Phật, một vài người ở nhà cô vài tháng, với những bữa ăn và chỗ ở miễn phí. Khi còn rất trẻ cô đã có cơ hội hành xử như “một nhà ngoại giao” của gia đình, dẫn những người khác đi thăm thú khám phá thành phố, tìm trường học hoặc công việc cho họ thực tập, chuẩn bị những món quà cho những bạn đồng nghiệp trong những dịp đặc biệt như Tết nguyên đán, hay ngày giỗ. Không có bất kỳ phụ cấp xã hội hay văn phòng thất nghiệp nào, gia đình cô không có chức năng của sự đoàn kết, nhưng với niềm tin rằng “Làm điều thiện sẽ mang đến những điều tốt đẹp”.

Mẹ của cô nói rằng bà là một phật tử tốt. Cha cô tuy không nói nhưng ông vẫn luôn khích lệ anh chị em cô. Ngày đầu tiên của năm mới, tới chùa và để mọi người làm những điều ở nhà Phật. Và khi mọi người câu khấn, ông ở ngoài để đợi. Những với những hiểu biết của đạo Phật, cô nhận ra cha cô là một phật tử tốt. Mặc dù ông không bao giờ thừa nhận. Thực tế, theo như Dalai Lama:

“Thực hành đạo đức có nghĩa là bảo vệ ba cửa của cơ thể, lời nói và trí óc – từ những hành động mang đến cho bạn chánh niệm và sự tận tâm. Sau đó đạo đức là nền tảng của con đường của phật tử.”

Cha cô đã làm như vậy. Trong suốt cuộc đời của ông, cô chưa bao giờ nghe thấy ông nói hay hành động những điều xấu hay làm hại người khác, hay

Một cách nhìn nhận xa hơn trong đạo phật, được dịch bởi Bikkhu Bodhi trong cuốn sách “The Nodle Eightfold Path, The Way to the End of Suffering” chỉ ra rằng:

“Sự cần thiết của việc dạy đạo Phật có thể tóm gọn trong hai quy tắc:  Bốn chân lý (Tứ diệu đế) và 8 con đường thiện (Bát chánh đạo). Điều đầu tiên bao hàm học thuyết, và phản ứng đầu tiên của chính nó gợi ra sự hiểu biết; điều thứ hai bao gồm là kỷ luật, trong nghĩa rộng nhất của từ, và phản ứng đầu tiên gọi là thực hành. Trong cấu trúc của giảng dạy có hai quy tắc khác với nhau trong một thể thống nhất gọi là Dhamma-vinaya, học thuyết và kỷ luật, hoặc nói ngắn gọn, Dhama. Sự thống nhất bên trong của Dhama được đảm bảo bởi thực thế rằng điều của cùng trong 4 tính cách, cách đúng lại là tám đường đúng, trong khi yếu tố đầu tiên của đám đường, là hiểu của 4 tính cách. Bởi vậy hai quy tắc bổ xung và bao hàm lần nhau, công thức cuar 4 sự thật bao hàm 8 đường và 8 đường bao gồm 4 tính cách.

Bikkhu Bodhi giải thích những điều sau (xem ở link):

Quãng thời gian lớn lên như một phật tử trẻ, sự giảng giải về đạo phật, với cô chỉ có một từ .

“BE GOOD” – Hãy sống tốt

Chúc các bạn ngày vui vẻ

Anita H.

Để xem những bài khác trong Back-to-Square One, click vào link dưới đây:


Every single thing has its story (indeed meaning)

Every single thing has its story (indeed meaning)

Today, no tonight i understood more about that quotation that i’ve heard at somewhere. That is story about Piddy, a native Australia.

Piddy is a native English teacher at Tpc where i am working. I have worked with him in some times ago. To compare with another teachers, he is not as good as another ones according to my observation and feedback of students.
At the very beginning, after each course, i often email him to say his disadvantages which he need to improve even i share with him the videos of other teachers to point him how he should change his style and what he need to correct the mistakes for Vietnamese students. With hope that i can help him improve his style and take his appearance in student’s eyes, i impact to talk with him friendly about things he need to do from bottom of my heart. Meanwhile, while communicating with him in email, i did feel his style and attitude and i imaged how he work like the way he reply me. Yet, i still hope my advice is likely be better for him.
Afterwards, I changed my work timeline to travel to new teachers. Hence i had no chance to work with Piddy.

Luckily, tonight i did. While i work with other teacher, i am notified that Piddy has been no student. first course, sencond course, and third course is last of day. I complain with moderator and reassure him (reacquaint himself) with my sharing. It is not surprising when 2 moderators have same idea about Piddy. And strikingly, after a small talk with a moderator, i know the main reason why 3 countinuos cousres in which Piddy has been no any student. He was arrange at third class in same level. It means that no sooner are 2 classes full of student than the rest is of Piddy’s class. He explain Piddy teach unhappily so he often was planed be at third class. But in main room, he don’t know why and nobody tell him the reason (excepting me after i know exactly issue).

Poor him.

Suddenly i realize that is a natural elimination.
I recall something in worksheet, some co-worker’s names are getting appear in my mind. The story getting brighter and i understood how they align with dozens of teachers.

The owners gives birth of game and rules and they know it and everything is control by them. The player in that game follow the rule. One day they watch something change a litle bit and they are so confusing. But they dont know why.

One day if you deal with strange thing in your gravel path, connect and gather everything, figure out the sudden change and discover the reason, look back yourself and improve yourself. That is one of way you enrich your savvy.

The world is awesome and you should search the #hidden beauty in #transparent things.

Source: https://medium.com/@BlueG/every-single-thing-has-its-story-indeed-meaning-5a748797fce0

Yin — Yang in your mind

Yin — Yang in your mind

When my brain was getting tense because of focusing on work in a long time my body and mind needed to go out to stretch out immediately .

When my body was enjoyed outside, my heart begun to be happy. I felt life is so beautiful with lovely cutely friends, kind vendors, admired elders, even polices who regard as bad persons always find out any way to earn money from motor rider base on loose rules in this city where i live now. It seems that you can see gorgeous bright on you head like such stunning rainbow. Every sound around you such as traffic sound, butles and hustle city sound, unlimited baby crying … gathers together as a perfect concert, which makes you are annoying in other day. You willing do anything without thinking to help any person. You are happy happy happy all the time. These moments are so beautiful. It brings you creative thought that you have never ever have before.

After sublimate time, you came back your daily routine, sitting in front of computer all day long. Unfortunately, hardly could you enter the passion with former work. You listened to music and you thought “just relax” “i missed them in a long time”. You watched youtube, link conect to other links. You approached some familiar websites. You surfed on face book. You were interested in not worth gossip. You knew all of that is rubish. But you still. You begun to think about them and yourself followed by stupid stream that you compare yourself with them. No sooner your mind was empty than your brain eliminate negative though that you cannot afforable. The evil part was getting dominate. You were downed, no way. You were so lonely. It seemed you are only person in your house. You were cô lập in the world. Everything still run and you stand to see all thing surround.

That time was so terrible as a result of evil part that will control your mind. It is said that that way to live positively is that the beautiful things you should cherish, the bad thing you must erase. Or another way, when you want human part conquer evil one, you yourself must escape out of it. You just think about happy moment such as: when you get the first salary, when you receive the message from boy/girl you like, when you eat your favorite dish, which cook by your mom, when you perceive nice thing in you book you read, when you counting the number of like on face book, when you discover new land that nobody know before, when you ride by-cycle in boulevard with green tree and touch soft wind in fall, when you go to bed you recall about task of day you finish with a smile. More importantly, you must aware all of bad things conduct to bad effect, they wil swallow your time. Time is money. One day you will sit and think about golden time you waste. You ask why you did like that. You wish. May be. If…

Hence, you recognize each individual has their own story. You should, before it is too late. You don’t have to catch them. (You must catch them when you make peer pressure for yourself to work out your goal). You don’t have devote/dedicate yourself to anyone excepting your parents, some relatives. Other thing is ephemera. It pull you back. On your path, sometimes, due to the fact that you have to stop to watch other out of your mind. But, dont forger you goal. Dont let others kick you out your direction.

The way you out of that is writing. To know what happening, what experienced, what will do, to critize the present, the past, the future, the stupid and wise things surround you.

To write and to criticize

Source: https://medium.com/@BlueG/ying-yang-in-your-mind-a4e2ce27886b

Content of Meeting with Prof Anh Tho Andres at CENG group – 7 Dec 2014 – Updating…

* [Meeting’s Content at Group C on Saturday 7 Dec]

The introduction about “Learn with You Tube”

Source: http://sbitrainingsolutions.com/forum-for-creativity/learn-with-you-tube/

The second skills you need to know is Listening. Because you need to understand more  through what you get or maybe teachers speak too fast and long you cannot gain all they transmit.

This section includes 6 topics. It helps you to discovery who you are. What kind of person you want to become. What ability you can…

1. Perception – The World as We See It

– Change yourself to be a critical thinker.

2. Know Thyself. Are we that different?

– It is important to know yourself, to know your capacity.

3. Know your Potential – Neuroscience and the Brain

– How far/good you can go.

– To understand you deeper and deeper to choose/ change what career you pursue/ which country you live…

4. Communicating across Cultures (inter culture Communication)

–  To assure another understands you. How to be professional to your boss, your colleagues…

– To learn about Organisation Communication. How to report, how to write email…

– To understand about organisation of behaviour.

– Why cultivate ethical

– Marketing in a Global Environment

5. Life is Exchange. The Power of Cultural Diplomacy

– Give and Take

– Symposium: gặp gỡ cấp cao

– Diploma: ngoại giao

– International relation: peaceful relation. People who work in this field are persons who have to solve conflict among nations.

6. Be smart. Use Technologies

– Related Innovation

=> Need to know how to be an active listener. Follow this link: http://myubisclass.blogspot.ch/2011/06/communicating-at-work-week-6.html?spref=bl

You will receive your task about this section soon. Follow link I mentioned above.

Thank you for your reading.

Have a nice new week,

* [Meeting’s Content of Group C on Saturday 13 Dec]

1. Marking yourself in Task-management Templete – Group –ID (was posted in SBI forum Discussing)

2. There are 6 topics for Dissertation (marketing, HR, …), choose one or more a topics for you to study and write

3. Expecially, teacher need some volunteers:
+ Option 1: volunteers will complete remain Glossaries that teacher will you to make a glossary for book students use in future.
+ Option 2: Volunteers will do research for Dissertation.

4. Students speed up translating series “Back to Square one…” Deadline is coming

* [Meeting’s Content at Group C on Saturday 21 Dec]

1. Check tasks: translation assignment BTSO (12 articles) + Glossary (8 weeks)

2. Test: Rapid Placement Test C1 in English: https://testmoz.com/412355

3. Review about 6 Dissertation Topic. Deadline 31/12/2014

Report by Phuong Hoang – MENG 472